10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

Book review time. This book was by Larry Osborne, who pastors a big church out on the left coast. I heard him speak this year at the Exponential Conference in Orlando this past year and enjoyed it. He’s a veteran guy who has some great perspective.

This book was pretty good. I know that I will differ on some theological stances. He tries to be pretty PC theologically, but you could definitely tell which way he leaned.

I’m not sure I agree with everything he said but he definitely had some very though provoking questions. Just for your interest here are his Top Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe.

1. Faith Can Fix Anything

2. Forgiving Means Forgetting

3. A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids (Probably the most provoking chapter for me)

4. God Has A Blueprint For My Life.

5. Christians Shouldn’t Judge

6. Everything Happens For A Reason

7. Let Your conscience Be Your Guide

8. God Brings Good Luck

9. A Valley Means A Wrong Turn

10. Dead People Go To A Better Place.


One thought on “10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

  1. Hey Kiddo,

    Bring this book with you to PC! I’m interested in reading it–several of these topics caught my interest right away!

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