Principles & Blessings

One thing that makes me feel like I am taking crazy pills in church world is that people live unbiblical lives and violate the principles of scripture then expect God’s blessing.

Its simple, if you mismanage your money, I don’t care how much seed you sow, how many TV preachers you give to that will promise your personal financial breakthrough, how much you confess the word or listen to prosperity messages, you WILL NOT PROSPER! It doesn’t matter how many books you read, it doesn’t matter how many conferences you go to. You will not prosper.

So don’t get mad at God when you rub Him and he doesn’t give you your 3 magical wishes.

You cannot violate the principles of God and expect the blessings of God. Won’t happen. Ever. Get over it and be obedient so He can really bless you.


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