Weeds & Leadership

I’ve had to do a significant amount of yard work recently to get my yard looking like Disney World so someone will come buy my house.

As I’ve been pulling weeds, which makes me want to buy a house with no landscaping or live in an apartment for the rest of my life, I was meditating on all the freaking weeds that keep popping up in my beds.

First, weeds will always be there, we can spray some weed killer but there will always be some gossip or backbiting that will seep into your organization.

Since they are always growing, we must be masters at tilling and protecting the soil or culture of our organization. Meaning, when something is funky, deal with it. Don’t let it grow, don’t let it get bigger, because it will. Like a weed, it will be out of control quickly if you don’t do something about it.

If you like this analogy, don’t expect many more, I’m tired of yard work. I could use a break for a while.


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